Our Mission:

Change the way we use water.

We create innovative products and services that directly tackle water scarcity.


Our Mission

We believe in addressing water scarcity through our consumption in households. Tackling the problem at the source point, as opposed to a macro scale solution such as a water treatment plant. 

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Our projects

Our journey is just beginning. We believe in creating innovative solutions that directly tackle water scarcity. You can see our first projects below. 


The mimbox

Everything started by searching for an answer to a critical question:
"Do we really need potable drinking water in our washing machines?"
The Mimbox directly tackles that question, providing an interesting outlook for the use of greywater in the home.


The mimbag

How about changing the way we do laundry today? 
The mission was to completely simplify the task of sorting your laundry, while creating sustainable means of preventing the spread of synthetic microfibres into the water mainstream.

Our team


It all started with...

People. First and foremost we are a people driven company, with a strong belief in accomplishing our mission: To change the way people consume water today. Differences in everyone's background, language, and competences make the Mimbly what it is today.