We make water recycling accessible.


Today, we have created an add-on solution that works with existing washing machines. The system tracks, analyses, and purifies water in real time for its reuse.

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How does it work?

The add-on recycles a considerable amount of the water (at least 80%) that washing machines use. firstly, the system is plugged into the washing machine via the water intake valve located in the back. Afterwards it basically works by helping the washing machine run things in a smarter way, as it analyses and purifies the water during each washing machine cycle.


Our first product, MIM, works with small to mid-sized hotels or apartment complexes. That's when the decision to install our service presents itself: Do you want to save money, energy, and water?
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Once the decision is taken, send us a message, in order to proceed with seamless integration. Shortly after, we install our system in the establishment's laundry centre. 
About the subscription...



Our subscription price is set per customer. The subscription takes a percentage of the total savings on water, energy and some taxes. With it you not only get the required maintenance, but also the upgrades of any software and hardware update. 



Find out about our organisation, mission, our methods, and the results of our testing stage.

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